Who We Are

The Cleveland Bradley Innovation Center was opened in 2011 to complement the Cleveland Bradley Business Incubator's mission through the creation and support of companies that will contribute to our dynamic sustainable community. Like all incubators, the Innovation Center is intended to provide resources and services that will increase the likelihood of entrepreneurs' chances of success.

What defines and differentiates the Innovation Center is its focus on creating and growing companies that offer products and services that improve our environment and promote energy efficiency.

Benefits Of The Innovation Center

• Provision of affordable space and shared expenses (rent, utilities, maintenance etc.) for participants.
• Networking and collaboration among fellow Incubator/Innovation Center entrepreneurs who share common values and goals
• Affiliation with the Cleveland Bradley Business Incubator
• Marketing assistance through CBBI and Innovation Center promotions
• Advice from the Incubator staff & residents
• Access to business services from outside experts

The innovation center is a vital part of the Cleveland/Bradley Business Incubator (CBBI). Find out more about the CBBI here.