What type of space is available at the Innovation Center?
The Cleveland Bradley Innovation Center (CBIC) offers quality manufacturing/service spaces at a cost affordable for new small businesses.

Does the CBIC help businesses like mine?
All types of green businesses are eligible for location in the Incubator except retail or non-profit organizations.  Whether you are developing a new sustainable energy source or an ecologically friendly face cream, your business will qualify. Contact us for more information or see what other businesses are at the innovation center.

Is my business eligible for the CBIC program?
Your company must be either a new start-up in operation less than 12 months prior to locating in the Innovation Center – or – your business may be a home-based business prior to re-locating.

How long can I stay at the CBIC?
The program has a 4-year graduation plan.  Your rent will rise in small increments each year, bringing you closer to market averages.  The CBIC management at the Cleveland Bradley Business Incubator will evaluate your financial ability to graduate at the end of the 4 years to make sure you are ready to graduate, if not, your business will stay on a month to month basis until your business can stand on its own.

What is included with the rent?
CBIC includes phone and Internet service to each suite. Fax and copy services are available to CBIC tenants at the Business Incubator’s on-site office.  A notary public is also available at no charge.  There is a private bathroom in each suite, but there is no water bill…CBIC takes care of that.  The resident will be expected to pay a small power bill for their space.

At the main Incubator building, a large conference room is provided at no extra charge.  It is equipped with a large screen television, VCR, and cable, for dramatic presentations and informative meetings.  A laptop and desktop computer is available for use in the Conference Room upon request.

The CBIC is a “hands on” program.  Help will be available to you on a variety of business subjects including, computer networking, software, accounting, marketing and business banking, to name a few.  You will have opportunities to join forces with the other businesses in the CBIC and the Incubator to increase your purchasing power.  CBIC provides several joint advertising opportunities to help residents afford exposure.

How about security?
24/7 security is provided.  Our security team takes your safety very seriously.

I like to work late…what are the hours of access?
You will have access to your suite 24/7/365.  You can come and go at whatever hour you please. 

What does it cost to lease a suite at the Incubator?
Each of the spaces at CBIC are approximately the same size.  The ceiling height varies from one side of the building to the other, in case you need to accommodate tall equipment.  Each space, however, can be leased for the same cost.  The base rent for the CBIC suites is $330 per month. 

Can I decorate my suite…paint?
Yes.  You can decorate you suite to suit your business’s needs.  When you graduate from the program however, you may be asked to put it back the way you found it. 

How do I get started?
Call the Director for an appointment to see the available suites.  Once you find the appropriate space, you can put a security deposit down to hold the suite for up to 30 days.  Your rent will not begin until you have been issued a set of keys for your space.  Within 30 days of your arrival, you will need to purchase a premise liability policy.  This coverage is very inexpensive and easy to obtain.  Then, you can get down to business!